I have always been the person who loves waking up early in the morning. I don’t mind waking up at 5, but I hate waking up at 10 (though I sometimes like to stay in bed till 11). So, it is very difficult for me to adjust to a schedule of sleeping late. Because when I wake up late, I feel that the entire day has slipped through my fingers. I feel like I have no time to do anything at all. Hence, for people like me, waking up late is the equivalent of removing a day from the calendar.

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

I have always been an alarm clock for many. From school to college, to my job, waking up early has been my constant friend. I have been waking up so many people around me for so long that nobody can really believe now that I have left that habit of mine. While I was in college, I used to wake up at 5 on the day of the exam to study (was a completely last-moment-study student). And my roommate used to sleep at 5 in the morning after pulling an all-nighter. I am the person who streamed all the episodes of GoT on time because I was already awake. I never had any difficulties in planning early-morning trips (and I have had too many).

Nowadays, I have been sleeping late and posting here usually after 12. That’s so unlike me. Even my friends have pointed this out to me. There are things where changes imply growth but, in my case, this change just means that I am losing something that I value.

So, today I have decided to try to put this to an end. Tomorrow onwards, I am gonna try to post my stories at such a time that it allows me a good and timely sleep.

जो सोवत है, सो खोवत है!

जो जागत है, सो पावत ।

I am hoping to fulfill my small targets with baby steps, so and I hope to see this story space tomorrow before 11 (at least!!!).




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A person who loves to live with the sun and sleep under stars.